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ADODB_postgres7 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _affectedrows ()
 _close ()
 _connect ($str, $user='', $pwd='', $db='', $ctype=0)
 _insertid ($table, $column)
 _nconnect ($argHostname, $argUsername, $argPassword, $argDatabaseName)
 _pconnect ($str, $user='', $pwd='', $db='')
 _query ($sql, $inputarr)
 ADODB_postgres64 ()
 ADODB_postgres7 ()
 BeginTrans ()
 BlobDecode ($blob, $maxsize=false, $hastrans=true)
 BlobEncode ($blob)
 CharMax ()
 CommitTrans ($ok=true)
 ErrorMsg ()
 ErrorNo ()
 GetCharSet ()
 GuessOID ($oid)
 IfNull ($field, $ifNull)
MetaColumns ($table, $normalize=true)
 MetaForeignKeys ($table, $owner=false, $upper=false)
MetaIndexes ($table, $primary=FALSE)
MetaTables ($ttype=false, $showSchema=false, $mask=false)
 OffsetDate ($dayFraction, $date=false)
 pg_insert_id ($tablename, $fieldname)
 RollbackTrans ()
 RowLock ($tables, $where)
SelectLimit ($sql, $nrows=-1, $offset=-1, $inputarr=false, $secs2cache=0)
 ServerInfo ()
 SetCharSet ($charset_name)
 SQLDate ($fmt, $col=false)
 TextMax ()
 UpdateBlob ($table, $column, $val, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')
 UpdateBlobFile ($table, $column, $path, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')
 xMetaForeignKeys ($table, $owner=false, $upper=false)

Public Attributes

 $_bindInputArray = false
 $_dropSeqSQL = "DROP SEQUENCE %s"
 $_genIDSQL = "SELECT NEXTVAL('%s')"
 $_resultid = false
 $ansiOuter = true
 $autoRollback = true
 random function
 $blobEncodeType = 'C'
 $charSet = true
 $concat_operator = '||'
 $databaseType = 'postgres7'
 $dataProvider = 'postgres'
 $false = 'f'
 $fmtDate = "'Y-m-d'"
 $fmtTimeStamp = "'Y-m-d G:i:s'"
 $hasAffectedRows = true
 $hasGenID = true
 $hasInsertID = true
 $hasLimit = true
 $hasMoveFirst = true
 $isoDates = true
 $metaDatabasesSQL = "select datname from pg_database where datname not in ('template0','template1') order by 1"
 $metaDefaultsSQL = "SELECT d.adnum as num, d.adsrc as def from pg_attrdef d, pg_class c where d.adrelid=c.oid and c.relname='%s' order by d.adnum"
 $random = 'random()'
 $sysDate = "CURRENT_DATE"
 $sysTimeStamp = "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"
 $true = 't'

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file adodb-postgres7.inc.php.

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