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ADODB_odbc_mssql Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _affectedrows ()
 _close ()
 _connect ($argDSN, $argUsername, $argPassword, $argDatabasename)
 _insertid ()
 _pconnect ($argDSN, $argUsername, $argPassword, $argDatabasename)
 _query ($sql, $inputarr)
 ADODB_odbc ()
 ADODB_odbc_mssql ()
 BeginTrans ()
 CommitTrans ($ok=true)
 CreateSequence ($seqname='adodbseq', $start=1)
 DropSequence ($seqname)
 ErrorMsg ()
 ErrorNo ()
 GenID ($seq='adodbseq', $start=1)
 IfNull ($field, $ifNull)
MetaColumns ($table)
 MetaForeignKeys ($table, $owner=false, $upper=false)
MetaPrimaryKeys ($table)
MetaTables ($ttype=false)
MetaTables ($ttype=false, $showSchema=false, $mask=false)
 ODBCTypes ($t)
 Prepare ($sql)
 RollbackTrans ()
SelectLimit ($sql, $nrows=-1, $offset=-1, $inputarr=false, $secs2cache=0)
 ServerInfo ()
 SQLDate ($fmt, $col=false)
 UpdateBlob ($table, $column, $val, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')

Public Attributes

 $_autocommit = true
 $_bindInputArray = true
 $_dropSeqSQL = 'drop table %s'
 $_genSeqSQL = "create table %s (id integer)"
 $_has_stupid_odbc_fetch_api_change = true
 $_haserrorfunctions = true
 $_lastAffectedRows = 0
 $ansiOuter = true
 $curmode = SQL_CUR_USE_DRIVER
 $databaseType = 'odbc_mssql'
 $dataProvider = "odbc"
 $fmtDate = "'Y-m-d'"
 $fmtTimeStamp = "'Y-m-d h:i:sA'"
 $hasAffectedRows = true
 $hasInsertID = true
 $hasTop = 'top'
 $identitySQL = 'select @@IDENTITY'
 $leftOuter = '*='
 $length = 'len'
 $metaColumnsSQL = "select c.name,t.name,c.length from syscolumns c join systypes t on t.xusertype=c.xusertype join sysobjects o on o.id=c.id where o.name='%s'"
 $metaTablesSQL = "select name,case when type='U' then 'T' else 'V' end from sysobjects where (type='U' or type='V') and (name not in ('sysallocations','syscolumns','syscomments','sysdepends','sysfilegroups','sysfiles','sysfiles1','sysforeignkeys','sysfulltextcatalogs','sysindexes','sysindexkeys','sysmembers','sysobjects','syspermissions','sysprotects','sysreferences','systypes','sysusers','sysalternates','sysconstraints','syssegments','REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS','CHECK_CONSTRAINTS','CONSTRAINT_TABLE_USAGE','CONSTRAINT_COLUMN_USAGE','VIEWS','VIEW_TABLE_USAGE','VIEW_COLUMN_USAGE','SCHEMATA','TABLES','TABLE_CONSTRAINTS','TABLE_PRIVILEGES','COLUMNS','COLUMN_DOMAIN_USAGE','COLUMN_PRIVILEGES','DOMAINS','DOMAIN_CONSTRAINTS','KEY_COLUMN_USAGE'))"
 $replaceQuote = "''"
 $rightOuter = '=*'
 $substr = 'substring'
 $sysDate = 'GetDate()'
 $sysTimeStamp = 'GetDate()'
 $uCaseTables = true
 $useFetchArray = false

Detailed Description

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